Skyline’s Dark Storm

(Midnight Toddy x Someday Justy Nuff)

Stormy in parade dress

Stormy in parade dress

Skyline’s Dark Storm was born at the Skyline and epitomizes what we are aiming for in our breeding program.

From the time he was born he was, and still is, a real people horse. When he struggled to his feet, he came over to the fence to see us first, then went to mom, and has been that easy ever since! He was gaited from birth and never lost it. While he had an excellent running walk, his best gait is his canter/lope. He is such a good athlete that a counter-canter in tight circles was so good it was hard to tell he was on the wrong lead!  He learned to drive in no time. He learned to open gates, turn on the forehand and haunches, and side pass with few lessons. He is at home in the show ring or on parade or in the breeding pen! “Stormy” has the best mind I have ever seen in my 40 years with horses.

It was a real difficult decision to sell him. “Stormy” is now residing in Germany, where he will be passing on his attributes to the best mares in Europe.

We have two 2003 fillies  (Skyline’s Bellatrix and Skyline’s Winter Roseblossom) from him for sale.

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