Skyline’s Regulus

(Generator’s Diamond X Justa Majorette)
2006 colt

Skyline's Regulus (Photo 2008)

This true black stallion exhibits everything one could ask for in a TWH. He has a mind that is exceptional. He is naturally gaited, showing it off without any human interference as he moves around his paddock. His conformation is as close to flawless as can be found in this breed. His conformation and gait have been certified by the Canadian Registry of the TWH Program For Excellence in 2006 where he achieved his Bronze Award, the highest award available at his age. The judge, American FOSH (Friends of the Sound Horse) licensed, commented “Awesome!! Great example of our breed!”. He scored top points in all categories.  He is high-headed and shows lots of presence.

“Reggie” had his basic training started in the fall of 2008. This was when he showed his wonderful mind! I used him as a lesson horse to show a friend how to start young horses. He was a disappointment because he never challenged me. My friend never learned anything about starting horses! I thought that he might be more aggressive on the second day, but he wasn’t. He was saddled and ground driving by day 3.

"Reggie" driving

"Reggie" driving

By day 4 I was on his back for a few minutes, and repeated on day 5. He was being driven around my yard on day 4. He was like a well-broke horse! He was returned to his paddock after that to await winter. His saddle training was resumed in the fall of  2009.  Unfortunately an injury by me (from another horse, not Reggie) curtailed his training at about the  same point that he was at the end of 2008.  He displayed more spirit in ground driving, was fine under saddle for the few short rides that we had. As of this writing (feb 2010), we are just about to resume training in an arena.  At Skyline, we do not believe in riding 2-yr olds, and only in light riding as 3- and 4 yr olds.  Bones and mind both need to mature.

For those interested in pedigree, Reggie’s sire, Generator’s Diamond, is a son of Pride’s Generator, the most influential sire of the TWH breed in the last 20 years. The dam, Justa Majorette, is out of Doc’s Delight who is a grandson of Midnight Sun. “Justy’s” dam, Majorette’s Sun Dust A. was line-bred Midnight Sun. Midnight Sun is on the “4th Dam” line of the pedigree. “Justy” was a tall, high-headed mare with lots of presence.  This conformation was passed on to Reggie.

Both sire and dam were put down in 2007 (Diamond was 21, Justy 20). We are indeed fortunate to have this outstanding son of these exceptional examples of our breed. “Reggie” is for sale and will be standing at stud until sold.

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