Generator’s Diamond

(Pride’s Generator x Shadow’s Jolly)

Diamond standing on halter

Diamond standing on halter

This outstanding stallion was imported into Canada as a two year old. Shortly after, and prior to his acquisition by the Skyline at Horse Creek Tennessee Walking Horse Ranch, he sustained an injury that severely limited his reproductive capability.  As a result, there are not many foals of his in existence.  The foals he has produced have been outstanding. They have good conformation (placing well at the Canadian “evaluative” Futurity whenever shown) and excellent gait.  Most gait naturally whether from “pacey” or “trotty” mares.

“Diamond’s” early injuries eventually caught up with him and he was humanely put down in 2007 at age 22. We are fortunate to have an exceptional son, Skyline’s Regulus, to pass on his blood. “Reggie” is for sale and  is standing at stud until  sold (See Skyline’s Regulus). We also have a 2003 gelding with loads of trail experience for sale —  Skyline’s Sirius.

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