Yvening Sugar Moon

(Sire x Dam)

2002 maiden mare

Yvening Sugar Moon

Yvening Sugar Moon (Photo 2005)

Yvening Sugar Moon (a.k.a. Sugar) has been ridden and packed many hundreds of km. She is well conformed and has excellent natural gait. On a pack trip to the Palliser Pass in Banff National Park in 2006, we averaged 9 km/hr. Sugar was packed. She maintained the same speed and gait without having a rider on her! She has been used sparingly in the last couple of years. Sugar was my wife’s (nervous novice rider) horse but my wife no longer rides due to health, hence Sugar’s offering for sale at this time. Sugar also sustained a cut to her hock in 2007. It has left a scar but no other apparent damage. She was packed and ridden on a 5-day trip to the Clearwater in 2008.

Sugar packed to go, 2007

Sugar packed to go (Photo 2007)

Sugar qualified for the Canadian Registry of the Tennessee Walking Horse’s Program for Excellence at the Gold Award level in 2006. This Program certifies the horse for conformation and gait. The Gold Award indicates excellent conformation and correct gait in flat-footed walk, running walk, and canter/lope.

A better natural walker is hard to find (and she’s a real beauty, too!)

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