Skyline’s Bellatrix

Skyline’s Bellatrix           SOLD!!
(Skyline’s Dark Storm X Someday Justy Nuff)

2003 filly


Belle, Feb 2009.  First day in the cutter.

First day in the cutter. (Feb 2009)

Like her outstanding sire, Skyline’s Bellatrix (a.k.a. Belle) is a dream to work with. She is so willing!

In 2008, she was entered in the Canadian Registry’s Canadian Triple Challenge programs.  She  achieved the Gold Award in their Program for Excellence (confirming proper conformation and 3 gaits) and several Levels in the Challenge. She is one skill short of the Level 3 Horsemanship, completed the Level 3 Trail, and needs to try the Level 3 Driving to become the first Canadian Ultimate Tennessee Walking Horse.

Belle preparing to show off at Spruce Meadows, Sept 2008

Belle preparing to show off at Spruce Meadows, Sept 2008

Belle has been used as a pack horse, has been ridden hundreds of miles/kms in the mountains and forests, and drives both cart and cutter. She has been in the Calgary Stampede parade and has been the Canadian TWH demo horse at Spruce Meadows Breeds For The World events several years. She is scheduled to do demos at the Mane Event in 2009. She has been ridden by old and young, Canadians and Europeans. Her size is approx 16 hh.

This Mare has been SOLD!!

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