Ridgewood’s Ebony Dancer (9610260) (a.k.a. Penny)

RIDGEWOOD’S EBONY DANCER (a.k.a. Penny)  (Ebony’s Touch me Not  X  Ridgewood’s Dancer)

This small maiden mare (14-2 hh) granddaughter of Ebony Masterpiece is a recent acquisition from Idaho.  We liked her spunk and fantastic movement.  She handled my 6 ft, 190 lb on a 15 km trail ride with no problem, even without much conditioning.  She is in the top 3 movers presently here.  She has had loads of trail experience in Idaho and it showed on the trail here.  There were no issues with trailering, stream crossing, wildlife, etc.  Due to economic conditions  her previous owner could no longer keep her.  Rather than see her suffer the fate of some unwanted horses in the USA, we brought her home and have not been disappointed in our decision.  We are in the process of downsizing our herd, but she was just too good to pass up.  She is offered for sale in that we will keep two of the top three trail horses.  If one of them sells, Penny will be withdrawn.

Penny would be an excellent brood mare prospect for any breeder who believes that the best horses make the best breeding stock.  She is also an excellent trail horse and we believe that she could be shown successfully.

Yes, those white spots belong in the picture!  They are about the size of a quarter.

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